Friday, July 1, 2011

Install Android SDK and Run the android Apps

Before, I helped you guys with installing the Android LiveCD. Now here's how you can install Andorid on your PC working side by side with Windows, using Android SDK. Before download look at the System Requirements.

  1. Go to
  2. Java from If you don't already have it. It is recommended to install newer version of Java(JDE).
  3. you want to develop apps from the SDK then you will also need to download ECLIPSE. But that's the other part. Download it from

    The "Eclipse Classic" version is recommended. Otherwise, a Java or RCP version of Eclipse is recommended.
Now Setting up Android Virtual Device (AVD). ADV is your Virtual Phone where you run your Android.
  1. Launch ADV from Eclipse by clicking Window > Android SDK and AVD Manager. You can also start the AVD Manager from the command line by calling the android tool in the tools directory of the Android SDK.
  2. Click New and the ADV creation dialog appears. Enter a size under SD Card. It's not an actual SD card but it stores the IMG file of the Android for storing Data. Eg:512.
  3. Then Click Create AVD.You’re now ready to run Android on your PC! Select your new virtual Android by clicking Start.
Now for Installing Apps on your Virtual Android.
  1. Start your AVD. It may take some time to load. After it loads you can see a browser app. Click on it and goto: You will need to Register or Login through your existing Account. Select Apps you want and Download them.
  2. The Default Apps like email work great. However the call app may(will?) not work. The games you download will work great. I tried Angry Birds and Pac Man.
Enjoy your Android and apps.

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