Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Chrome Tools you need

With more and more users switching to Google Chrome, Google’s open source answer to Mozilla Firefox, we have decided to feature some cool Chrome extensions this week to help you improve your browsing experience and save yourself some time in the process.


Get rid of those flashy banner ads! These bandwidth suckers not only distract you but also make pages load slowly. Like Firefox’s Adblock plus, this Chrome extension is a perfect tool to block just about any annoying ad. URL Shortener

This extension shortens any long URLs with the Google’s new URL Shortener service. Once shortened the URL is then copied automatically to clipboard and can be shared with any supported services like Twitter and IMs where there are character limits.


If you’re one of us who have to constantly sharing web pages over social networking sites then this extension is a must-have tool. It lets you share any web page on almost any social networking site and aggregators right from the website you are on.

IE Tab

Not all websites are compatible with Chrome, and some bummers force you to open IE. This extension solves this problem for once and for all by emulating Internet Explorer within the Chrome browser.

GMail Checker Plus

This amazing extension lets you manage, preview and delete emails without logging into your account on another tab. It also comes with sound notification service for new mail and also allows you to view the new Priority Inbox right from the current tab.


Addicted to Facebook? This extension helps you focus while you work by blocking time wasting websites. It sets a timer for time-consuming websites you often tend to visit and then blocks them for the rest of the day when the time is up.

Google Translate

It gets quite frustrating when some websites link you to some other sites with information in some obscure language. For such occasions, this extension works its wonder by translating any webpage into any language supported by Google translate service.

Split Screen

Amazing for cross-reference study, this extension splits the screen and allows user to open multiple websites in a single tab. It is great extension for studying as it effortlessly enables the user to compare and contrast between different websites at same time.

Google Dictionary

With this extension, you can double click any word and the definition immediately pops on the screen. Alternatively, you can directly search meanings for the words by clicking the icon on the top right of the screen.

Chromey Calculator

This extension brings all the handy calculator tricks right at your fingertips. When Google fails to answer, it seeks help from the WolframAlpha computational engine. This extension also handles mixed unit calculations (like 300 inch+500 light years) with ease.

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