Monday, July 5, 2010

Line Rider - Incredibly hard and addictive
I won't say it is a game or I just might say it. You take it the way you want. The point is; it's addictive. The idea is preety simple. You make a line on a blank canvas, and when you hit play, a sledge appears with a snowman riding it. The environment has full physics, so rider will slow down and speed up according to the incline of the line. Users who play this game, have come up with some interesting pieces of complex art with Line Rider. Soon they realized that they make for good YouTube content and began uploading such videos. The game can be wicked too at times as the guy on the sled can be made to have some spectacularly violent crashes. You can even decapitate his head with a strategically placed line. I tried it but could not.:P

If you have tried this game and need some influence then don't forget to watch this awesome video. LOL how he did that!!!???

View more LineRider videos at

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