Sunday, November 1, 2009

Making your URL Short

Do you have problem typing or memorizing long URLs(Uniform Resource Locator; ie, then there are some websites that can help you shorten them. Here are two of them that I think are most widely used.

1. Tinyurl
Its the one from the past. It had been used enormously and still used. But now a days even the tinyurl is gettng hard to get because of its complexity. '', this is what it makes of

2. Alturl
I like this one to tinyurl. '', this is what it makes of That's why Alturl is better than tinyurl (see the difference?). However shortening the url is not just it. It has 'preview transition' and 'traffic counter'. The preview transition shows what the short url directs to. Then the traffic counter shows how many viewers has passed through the short url.

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