Friday, August 22, 2008

Download Files; some Best places

This is a download site… but what a site! They offer everything from software for Windows, Linux, Mac, handheld devices and even mobiles, to the latest drivers as well as the latest gaming files, so that you stay in pace with your clan, if not be the geek yourself! It is really well categorised. They even have a section for iPod tools… now can you beat that! And mind you… all these are updated regularly.

Softpedia also reviews a lot of stuff. There is nothing like having a trusted review to tell you whether a download is worth it. We went through quite a few reviews and they are all very thorough and comprehensive. In spite of the fact that there is no editor’s review, Softpedia enjoys huge fan following that would ensure you know about any software you care to name. They even showcase the latest in handheld devices.

With frequent updates, Softpedia offers the latest in news. This is value addition in case you get tired of downloading or if your PC gets tired of you downloading! offers a wide range of Windows, Mac and Mobile Software, as well as the latest drivers and utilities and of course the latest game demos and patches. If you haven’t noticed, this list is shockingly short as compared to the earlier Softpedia, with the exclusion of Linux software. To add to the injury, the number of drivers available was very short as well, with less than a thousand overall. This is not all that great. What we did like is that they offer a large selection of Web ware as well, which is Software you can run on your Internet browser. also offers free music downloads. Don’t worry it’s completely legal and at the time of reviewing they had over 1,00,000 free songs for download. The best part is that all the software on the site is very well categorised into several logical categories. This makes it very easy to browse for the software relevant to what you are looking for. Also, the editors pick out what they think are the best of the best and display them under the editor’s picks section for your convenience. also offers several reviews and these are found on the download page itself. Sadly, the reviews were nowhere as comprehensive as we would have liked. It lacked screenshots and were more descriptive than anything else. Luckily, the pros and cons in any software you care to name are brought out by the user base at The user reviews are also found on the download page. Though we would have preferred a longer review, it does make sense to have a short review as people really don’t consider downloading a rather risky thing. But in case what you are downloading is a 2+ GB mammoth, a full review would surely be appreciated.

The editors of actually maintain a download blog simply called, “The Download Blog”. This is an absolutely fantastic
addition as it tells you the latest tech secrets that you need to know. Even if you don’t end up visiting a lot, the Blog is worth visiting.

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