Sunday, March 9, 2008

A pure HTML Website, Working with just the use of html

A sister of mine came to me asking help making their project. They were studying simple HTML, so they hadn't learn the css nor Javascript.They asked me to make a simple HTML project about their school.For me i first thought it would be an easy task, just use the HTML and i am done. But really getting into it i found it harder to use just the HTML and nothing else. But i went on and have made a preety good HTML project for them with only HTML. But it really hard to work with HTML so i couldn't stop myself using a small CSS,
style="background:url(files/back6.jpg) bottom right no-repeat;"

it was what i used. Except this line on every page everything else on the website is purely HTML only. Here's what i have made. can also download the whole website here just click the save target as.I've used a colour sheme of light blue. There is a wide use of TABLE as i can't afford any more css by using the DIV or simply layers. There is no mouse over effects in the links. I used a simple navigation system with a side bar and the read more information.

It is the use of plain HTML and some pictures, so the design may not be prettier but I have used the best I can.


  1. Dude, WTF!? You stole this content from here:

    After being told not to, I might add. (See the comments for that post). Pathetic.

  2. Can you please e-mail me at I would like to chat with you about Web Design. Thanks man!

  3. I know one post of this blog was from
    But this post "A pure HTML Website, Working with just the use of html" is not a copy paste at all. It is a work of mine. Plz be consious on what you are posting your comment.